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Welding Inverter Capacitor

Description of Product:

Inverter welding capacitorair conditioner capacitor ,fan capacitor, oil capacitor, motor capacitor, IGBT capacitor, CBB65 motor run capacitor,CBB61 capacitor, aluminum case capacitor ,anti-explosion capacitor .

l  Features

1.Used in high-power high-frequency switching power supply of high-frequency pulse current absorption, filter

2.Low ESR, high ripple current and Large current shock handling capabilities

3.Low Ls, good high frequency characteristics

4. Self-healing property

5.Long lifetime

6.Plastic case, Filled with resin

l   Technical Specification

Welding Inverter Capacitor.png


1 Used in high frequency switching power supply filter, absorption, blocking, resonant circuit

2 Widely applied to EMI,Such as highfrequency welding inverter, UPS, electric vehicles, etc. 



Q1:Are you a manufacturer or a trading company?

A1:We are a manufacturer specialized in metallized film for capacitor use and metallized film capacitors since 2007.We enjoy great reputation among our customers not only for competitive price,qualified products but also for excellent service.

Q2:How is your product quality?

A2:We use the famous brand material film to make every product.Our products get the certification of the ISO9001/CQC/TUV/UL/VDE/SGS.

Q3:What’s the storage conditions of your product?

A3:Capacitor must not be stored in corrosive air environment,in particular hydrides,sulphides,acids,alkalis,salts,organic solvents,or similar material.The product should not be exposed to high temperature and high humidity condition.

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